The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family. -Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Allyx & Dan's WEDDING

So I am FINALLY posting about my sister’s wedding! It was absolutely perfect! Allyx was gorgeous and Dan was beaming. The only glitch in the whole day was when temple workers took Dan and Allyx to different locations after the sealing to wait for each other…it was a little while before they figured it out! Funny! I am so happy for both of them. I’ve always loved Dan but seeing the way he looked at Allyx all day truly assured me that he is the one for her…he is her Edward! I loved being in the temple that day. The Spirit felt during this sacred ordinance is so amazing and I love being reminded of the wonderful day Brian and I knelt across from each other. I was a bawl-baby as I watched my little sister take this important step in her life. I love her so much and even though I am 6 years older than her, I am so grateful for her example to me and for her love and all the silliness!

Kaitlyn went running when she saw her Aunt Allyx and new Uncle Dan. She loves them...and the spotlight!
The boys thought it was fun to throw Kaitlyn around, Kaitlyn had fun too. (Sorry to my Nonie, she was so freaked out by it!)
Best cousins! Me and Kallie

Allyx and her nieces, Kaitlyn and Camryn
Wedding party

Brian's mom made the cake and it was beautiful! Thanks Sandy!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Twinner Cousins

So I have been a HORRIBLE blogger lately. With the new baby, the wedding, and my whole family being here I was a little busy. Once that was over, I was busy getting life back to normal. So there are my reasons for the blogging-lapse! I’m going to post pictures from Allyx’s wedding once I get them (I’m a dork and forgot my camera) so for now I thought I would share some cute pictures of Kaitlyn and her new cousin Camryn!

Camryn is dressed so stinkin cute everyday! I was perusing Dane and Tam’s blog when I came across the picture below. Cam is wearing the same outfit I used to put Kaitlyn in all the time. They both are so cute, I love it! I can’t wait for these two to grow up a little and be best buddies!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Perfect Day

Friday Brian and I spent the day doing one of our favorite activities…SNOWBOARDING! We don’t get to go together very often anymore so this was quite a treat. We boarded up at Brighton and it was a beautiful day! I love spring skiing because I’m not a huge fan of being cold. Brian is a great sport, I’m not even close to the boarder that he is but he is very patient with me and is a great teacher. It was our last time this season as Brighton, and most other resorts, are closing. So, although I am soooo ready for summer, it’s always a little sad on the last run!

I had to get a picture of my new boots that I LOVE! These are my new 32s. I actually got them about 2 Christmas’ ago but soon after I found out I was pregnant with Kaitlyn and then I had a newborn last winter so this season I finally got to use them, yay!
Snowboard Buddies
On my butt….I spent a lot of the day there…

Friday, April 11, 2008

Tiger Tenney

Kaitlyn has joined the Oborn family tradition and has taken up golfing. She can already drive 300 yards and rarely ever hits into the sand. She'll be joining the Toddler PGA tour this fall. Her mom once had dreams of her being a dancer and her dad had dreams of her becoming a professional snowboarder. But Kaitlyn decided to follow her own dreams and stood firm with putter in hand. She'll be available for autographs and pictures this weekend at the Tenney home.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Camryn is Here!!!

Today we were blessed with a wonderful addition to our family. My little brother Dane and his sweet wife Tamara gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Camryn Elizabeth Oborn was born 7 lbs 12 oz and is 19 inches long. Poor Tamara is quite the trooper. After being sent home TWICE from the hospital (even though she was having unbearable contractions) she was finally admitted but then her epidural wore off about 2 hours after she got it and never kicked back in no matter how much stuff they shot into her. She is truly a hero! So she is a little tired…actually A LOT tired, but she is hanging in there and her and Dane are just so happy to have their sweet daughter Camryn here with them.

We got to go to the hospital and spend time with them today and it was amazing. She is so little! For the first time I realized just how big Kaitlyn has gotten! We just love Camryn and Kaitlyn just wanted to touch her and kiss her the whole time. She also wanted to be held by whoever was holding Camryn at the time!

Proud parents!
Favorite Aunt
so tired...
3 generations: Nana, daddy, and baby
Kaitlyn liked to play with buttons on Aunt Tam's bed!
Pround uncle
MY FAVORTIE PIC: me and my brother and our babies :)

Monday, April 7, 2008

25 Facts About Us

So I got this tag off Mindi’s blog and it seemed pretty fun. I’m supposed to tell 25 things about us. So, here are some interesting facts about us Tenney’s, enjoy!

1. We call eachother “buddy” – people think this is weird but we don’t even realize we do it!
2. I went to 3 different schools in kindergarten. (1 in California & 2 in Utah)
3. Brian STILL gags (16 months later) when he changes a dirty diaper of Kaitlyn’s.
4. People now think “yeah, I can totally see you as a cheerleader” but when I tried out for cheer my senior year everyone thought it was sooo weird! I was a dancer and liked to play sports and didn’t seem the “cheerleader type”
5. Brian is a gun EXPERT. He really knows everything about them and only has too look at one to know the calliber, what its made out of, and who makes it. Its pretty sexy!
6. We love the water. Our goal is to own a sweeeeet wakeboarding boat and a houseboat with a helicopter pad on top…we need somewhere to land don’t we?
7. I am OCD about lights and brushing my teeth. I have to have just the right lighting or it drives me nuts! I also brush my teeth all the time and WILL NOT kiss Brian in the morning till he has brushed his teeth. Ew gross.
8. Brian used to compete in boarder-cross before his mission. He is a rockin snowboarder.
9. Kaitlyn can now say: mom, dad, eh-oh, dog, juice, and shoe!
10. I almost lost the top of my finger. I have little feeling there and the awesome scar to prove it!
11. Brian voted for Sanjaya all the time last year! It would make me so mad!
12. Fine I admit it…I LOVE High School Musical!
13. Brian has never seen High School Musical because his wife loves him very much and would never subject him to cheesy-highschool-pop icons singing and dancing around!
14. Kaitlyn feels naked without a bow glued to her head (at least her mom feels that way!)
15. I am a nerd. I am a total bookworm, I would wear sweats everyday if I could, and I’ve seen all the Star Trek movies…a lot
16. Brian used to cruise State Street and spray people with water guns.
17. I was the toilet papering QUEEN in my day and had to run from cops, angry parents, and dogs on a few occasions.
18. We love to sit around with our friends or just eachother and watch movies or play games. We are all about the Redbox. We are easily entertained and love easy and cheap weekends!
19. Brian is so funny. He really is the funniest guy I know.
20. I love going to concerts. The best one I’ve ever been to is Billy Joel. I really liked Rascal Flatts and Matchbox 20 too.
21. Brian’s dream is to be a military sniper.
22. Kaitlyn’s movie of the month is Enchanted. We watch it everyday!!! (good thing I love it too!)
23. I HATE green beans!
24. Brian loves to sleep and would hibernate if he could.
25. We LOVE being a little family!

I tag Mindi B, Stephanie, Sara, Tam, and ANYONE ELSE!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Weekend Getaway

We decided we were in desperate need of some sun and fun, so we took off this past weekend with some friends down to St. George. It was such a blast. This was a very big step for me, we left Kaitlyn with Brian’s parents for three nights! I missed her but I did it! Yay me! We stayed at Mike’s Grandma’s condo – thanks grandma! The boys played a lot of golf and we girls did some shopping and laying out (I got fried, stupid me). The majority of our time was probably spent playing Scum. If any of you have ever played games with Brian you know that he doesn’t do well with the whole loosing thing, so Brian wouldn’t let us stop playing till he spent a good amount of time as President! It was good to get away and we had so much fun!

Brian – Erin – Heidi – Justin – Mike - Mindi

We went to dinner at the Pizza Factory. While we waited to be sat we walked around and found some fun places to take pictures. Heidi’s camera has some fun features so we went a little crazy!


Lunch at Famous Dave’s before we headed back towards the snow. :(