The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family. -Thomas Jefferson

Friday, November 30, 2007

Thanksgiving in Birmingham

We had a GREAT Thanksgiving. Erin & Kaitlyn spent two weeks in Alabama and Brian joined them with the rest of the family for the second week. We spent a lot of time eating, playing games, and watching movies.

The WHOLE family is here!

Kaitlyn LOVED Joey. She walked around the whole 2 weeks saying "DOG!"

Dane, Erin, Jessie, Allyx, & Taylor
All my brothers and sisters. (Don't worry that I'm the oldest and by far the smallest! I'm the runt of the litter.)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Turkey, Pie, and Accidents. . .

So the turkey was DELICIOUS! We had such a fun day here in Alabama celebrating Thanksgiving with the whole Oborn clan. This was Kaitlyn’s VERY FIRST Thanksgiving…and she slept through the whole dinner. Oh well! There was one little glitch in the day. Thanksgiving morning was, of course, kicked off with a rousing game of Turkey Bowl football. Brian was the star running back. In a moment of true would-be-glory Brian reaches for a pass and ends up on his back. The next moments Brian doesn’t remember. The on-lookers talk of his skull bouncing as it hit the ground (not a pretty picture). Luckily this was the end of the game because Brian had suffered a concussion. We spent the next couple of hours trying to keep him awake and forcing Tylenol down his throat. He still ate tons of turkey and later tons of pie but his head hurt through the whole day. Poor guy!

Side note: We went to the movies on Thanksgiving and saw Enchanted. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up! Even Brian, who was SURE this movie would be the death of him, enjoyed it.

I've been TAGGED! (Someone save me!!!!)

So i was "Tagged" by my good friend Tam. So, apparently I am supposed to write 6 things about myself. Well, I (Erin) am not that exciting by myself so I thought I would write 6 things about Brian and Kaitlyn as well. So here goes!

1. I can read books and watch movies over and over again. Recently I read all 3 Twilight Books and then immediately re-read them all again. I’m a nerd.
2. I don’t like a lot of foods that most would consider “normal”. Some are: Mexican food, vanilla ice cream, chili, mac & cheese, lasagna, anything with red sauce, broccoli, GREEN BEANS, ect. (Brian says there is more, but this does NOT mean I am picky!)
3. I LOVE being a mom. I can’t wait to have a whole house-full of kids.
4. If you want me attention, DON’T poke me.
5. I’m a news junkie. I watch it all day. Recently we got rid of our cable package and I lost the Fox News channel. I’m still trying to get over it, but with continued counseling I think I might be able to pull through.
6. I want to be an artist. I know I’m old, but I’ve been drawing a lot lately and I really would like to take an art class.

1. I like, no…LOVE guns. One day I would like to have a whole room full of guns. For now, I just spend my free time reading up and learning all about guns.
2. My plan before I went on my mission was to come home and become a professional snowboarder. I ended up getting an education and working to provide for my family, but I still love snowboarding and wonder what could have been. . .
3. I think that a shower that takes less than 25 minutes is just not worth it.
4. If I could have any car in the world it would probably be a BMW M5.
5. I like mowing my little lawn and taking care of our garden.
6. If was a superhero I would be ALREADY-DONE-MAN.

1. I LOVE to watch Finding Nemo.
2. Don’t make me sit still, I just want to walk everywhere!
3. I Love my mom and dad, they take very good care of me.
4. I may be small, but I’ve got big lungs on me and I like everyone to know it.
5. When I grow up I’m going to be a remarkable dancer and an outstanding snowboarder.
6. I’ve got lots of personality and I love to laugh and giggle!

So that's us! Now I am supposed to tag more people. So I tag: The Grundy's, Val, Dane & Tam, Alex, and Linsey


To add on to a year of firsts, Kaitlyn had her FIRST Halloween!!! We dressed her up as the cutest little lamb ever. Once she got used to having big floppy ears on her head, she had a lot of fun. Erin probably had the most fun of all getting Kailtyn all dressed up and taking pictures. We took her trick-or-treating to Grandma and Grandpa Tenney's House and then to Uncle Dane and Aunt Tamara's house. She was a good sport the whole night. We had so much fun!

First door we trick-or-treated at..

Dane, Tamara, Kaitlyn, Erin, Brian, & Taylor

Friday, November 23, 2007

Carving Pumpkins

Tonight we carved pumpkins! We were really excited to have Kaitlyn carve her very first pumpkin. We got her all un-dressed so she could get down and dirty with the pumpkin guts! The night was lots of fun, just not exactly as we planned...
Kaitlyn started out having fun...

We got her good and dirty...
She didn't like that so much...
Now she is happy!
The finished product! (thanks dad!)

Mom and Dad joined in the fun too!

Pumpkin Patch!

Monday we spent our Family Home Evening at the Maybe Pumpkin Patch! We found a Daddy pumpkin, a Mommy Pumpkin, and little Baby pumpkin for Kaitlyn. It was a little cold but lots of fun. Next Family Home Evening we will be carving the the pumpkins, so stay tuned. . .

Expecto Patronum!

On July 21st a very special event occured in the Tenney family - mainly to Erin becasue Brian didn't really care at all. This event was the release of the 7th - and final - Harry Potter Book. The fam was all in town so we grabbed our wands and off we went to the release party!
the fan club is all here! We have Dan, Allyx, Jessie, Tamara, and Erin. They are now ready to jump on their brooms and head for Barnes & Noble!
Jessie, A.K.A. Tonks, had the best costume there!

Allyx and Dan - of one heart...
Erin and Tam...sisters-in-law, sisters-in-magic.
FINALLY we had the books in our hands! we should've had to wait in a VERY, VERY long line but Dan got way too excited and ran to the front of the line and grabbed 5 books off the table.

Summer Fun at the Pool!

So this summer we didn't do much but hang around our house and hang out with freiends, that doesn't mean we didn't have a TON of fun though! One of the biggest highlights was taking Kaitlyn to the pool. She LOVES the water. Dad had lots and lots of fun with his bug...

INTRODUCING: The Tenney's!

Well, what can we say about our little family…? First, we’ll start with Brian and Erin. We met in a land far, far away in a time long ago. Actually we met about 4 ½ years ago and it was in South Jordan, UT (about 3 miles from where they live now). Brian went to High School with Erin’s roommate Kristen and she graciously invited Erin along to a BBQ. There we met and it was love at first sight – actually, it was lets-flirt-a-lot at first sight and then a couple of Brian’s friends will ask Erin out first and then finally about 3 months later he will take her out! To his credit, he hadn’t been home from his mission (to Venezuela) for too long when they met, so Erin’s vast beauty and bubbling personality may have been too much at first! So we started dating in August of 2003, continued our courtship down in Provo while Brian started BYU and Erin finished up her last year there. Then, on August 10th, 2004 we were married in the Salt Lake Temple. *sigh*
We’ve lived in the Salt Lake Valley since. We lived in Sandy till October of last year and then we bought a townhouse and now live in Bluffdale (yep, with all the inmates at the prison!). The best part of our lives happened to us last December when we welcomed a beautiful 6 pound little girl into the world. Kaitlyn Sharlene was born on December 11th and is now a little monkey getting into everything!
Brian works for ABComputer doing marketing and sales and Erin is so fortunate to get to stay home and be nothing but a mom and avid blog creator! So that is us in a nut shell. Those that know us best know there a whole lot of crazy quirks that go along with what we just told you, but I guess we’ll leave a little mystery to our description!