The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family. -Thomas Jefferson

Monday, February 21, 2011

Iron Chef Tenney!

Who needs a restaurant when Brian and I are in the kitchen!  Last night we were craving burgers.  Not just any burger though...we wanted big, juicy, messy, all out burgers!  BUT, it was Sunday - so Red Robin was out.  So we raided the fridge and made some of the yummiest burgers we've ever had!  I just had to share a picture of our masterpiece.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


He’s here! Colton was born Tuesday the 1st at 5:46pm. He definitely took me by surprise. The plan was to be induced Friday the 4th. So, I had my whole week planned out as I was awaiting the little guy. I had stuff I was going to do around the house, stuff with the girls, grocery shopping, ect. Well, Tuesday morning I woke up and my water broke! Craziness! So I frantically went around the house trying to clean up what I could and get us all packed so the girls could go to my mom’s and Brian and I could head to the hospital.
At the hospital….things went pretty normal. They got me all set up and I got my pitocin. Once my labor got bad I got my epidural. It helped but then wore off so the anesthesiologist gave me another stronger dose that worked GREAT. Brian and I spent a lot of the waiting and laboring time deciding what we were going to name the little guy. (we thought we had a few more days to nail it down, agghhh!) So, how did we come up with his name… I will tell you. Sunday night Brian and I were watching the X-games, anxiously waiting Shaun White’s ride down the pipe to win the gold (he did by the way, and it was awesome!) There was a guy doing tricks on his snowmobile named Colton. We both really liked it but didn’t think much more about it till the hospital. As we kept talking and then when we saw him, we just knew our little man was a Colton!
When it was time to push everything was pretty normal EXCEPT for the fact that BRIAN GOT TO DELIVER THE BABY! It was so cool. Brian asked the doctor, doc threw something at Brian, Brian caught it, so he said YES! Brian was all scrubbed up and he got to stand there while the doctor stood off to the side and told him what to do. It was a really neat experience for Brian and something he’ll always have special with Colton.
So Brian brought our little Colton into this world (I did some of the work too). He was 6lbs 7oz (our BIGGEST baby yet). It was wonderful and even though it was the 3rd time I have birth it was still just as amazing and special. I don’t know what we ever did without Colton!

Colton was very jaundice when he was born.  So much so, that he spent most of his time at the hospital under lights.  I pretty much could only take him out to feed him.  It was sort of sad, but they did bring the lights in my room so we got to spend time with him.  He’s doing great now though!
We love our little man, he is a great baby, and so cute!  The girls love him too and Kaitlyn is doing her best to be a BIG helper!  So fun!