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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cruisin' down the Caribbean (part 3)

We certainly enjoyed our time aboard
The Liberty of the Seas
There were a lot of fun shows and activities we got to do. The boys got to play hard surfing and us girls got a lot of reading-in-the-sun time.  Perfection!

 Rock climbing

The best part about the boat for the boys was definitely the FlowRider.  Brian and Mike tore it up....Mindi and I gave it our best! :)

 Fancy Shmancy dress up night

 There was a HUGE TV out at the pool, so we got to relax in the cool night air and watch the 49ers game
 Dancing the night away at the Catacombs nightclub!

Cruisin' down the Caribbean (part 2)

We also stopped on the island of
in Mexico.  It was beautiful and a blast. 

We rented scooters and rode around the entire island.  Loved it!

We stopped at this beautiful beach to go snorkeling.  We saw so many cool fish! 

The coast was gorgeous!

Brian was posing for a picture and got surprised by getting sprayed and totally soaked…pretty funny.

We stopped to look at some cool ruins, but the coolest thing was probably all the HUGE iguanas that were walking around EVERYWHERE!

We made it back to our boat!

Cruisin' down the Caribbean (part 1)

Brian and I are quite lucky and just returned from a Caribbean Cruise with our good friends Mike and Mindi.  It was such a blast.  This was mine and Brian’s first cruise, and we are totally hooked now!  The boat was awesome and the islands were beautiful.  We visited Belize and Cozumel, Mexico.  Gorgeous! 
To start, here is our adventure in

We went on a little adventure through the jungle along a river that led to some caves.  We then floated down the river through the caves.  It was pretty amazing. 

Belize City

Christmas Morning

Friday, January 27, 2012

Harry Potter Land

So definitely one of the highlights for me was going to Universal Studios to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  Harry Potter!!!! I was so happy the whole time.  Definitely one of my nerdiest moments, but I don't care, it was awesome.

Hogwarts Castle
 Hagrid's Hut
 Gilderoy Lockhart....*swoon*
 Butterbeer, sooo yummy!!!

 I'm glad Brian's sisters, Lisa and Krissy, were there to be nerdy with me.

 Hermione's dress
 Oh my heck, it was like I was there! The portraits moved and everything!
 Professor Dumbledore's office
 The Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom
 The sorting hat
 Eating at the Three Broomsticks...the Three Broomsticks, me, eating there!