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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cruisin' down the Caribbean (part 3)

We certainly enjoyed our time aboard
The Liberty of the Seas
There were a lot of fun shows and activities we got to do. The boys got to play hard surfing and us girls got a lot of reading-in-the-sun time.  Perfection!

 Rock climbing

The best part about the boat for the boys was definitely the FlowRider.  Brian and Mike tore it up....Mindi and I gave it our best! :)

 Fancy Shmancy dress up night

 There was a HUGE TV out at the pool, so we got to relax in the cool night air and watch the 49ers game
 Dancing the night away at the Catacombs nightclub!


Katie Hodgkiss said...

So fun. Your dress is Gorgeous... did Allyx make that? And give poor little Colton a Kiss for me. poor kid =( Love you xoxox

Kara said...

First off, you and Mindi are so pretty! Secondly, I love your formal dress!!!! LOVE LOVE it.